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  However, the truth that even common browsing locations while in the Canton Highway area can also be visitors all through this year Golden Week indicates which the trouble has practically nothing to do with their accessibility.

  What we expect lies in the root of the phenomenon is really a significant modify within the product of investing amid mainland website visitors Bonnie Hayden CHENG.

  We have to realize that right after forty yrs of financial reforms, mainlanders now possess a whole lot of choices when it comes to traveling.

  For example, if they wish to buy Japanese manner, they are able to fly directly to Japan. Furthermore, should they would like to buy French luxury purses, they are able to simply reserve a flight to paris.

  With regards to foreign high-quality toddler formulation, mainlanders can snap up this sort of items in on the web outlets.

  To put it differently, mainlanders no longer have to depend on Hong Kong for immediate entry to international products like they did before. And that one among the most crucial components with the diminishing number of mainland visitors in procuring parts in Canton Road plus the packing containers.

  Figures in the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) help this perspective.

  While in the 1st 8 months of 2018, mainland visitor arrivals inside the metropolis strike approximately 33 million, up thirteen.eight per cent through the exact period previous yr.

  Nonetheless, the significant expansion in the full quantity of mainland site visitors has not benefited the nearby retail sector. This means that a increasing number of them are not any more time coming to Hong Kong simply to shop like they used to before; they are really definitely searching for a little something extra distinctive and further about our city.

  Tourism is one of the important pillars of Hong Kong economic system. So how can the sector answer towards the switching tastes and calls for of mainland website visitors

  To be able to manage our competitiveness as certainly one of the world most popular vacation places, we must provide a much more diversified number of tourist attractions that will enable people to expertise our exceptional indigenous lifestyle and heritage.

  The HKTB has already taken measures from the ideal route, like launching initiatives such as the Old City Central very last calendar year.

  This 12 months, it launched the living museum promotion in Sham Shui po, which aids visitors identify suppliers that sell high-quality but reasonably priced outfits and eating places focusing on common local food items during the district through a smartphone app.

  The promotion also provides site visitors a glimpse to the background of public housing in Hong Kong.

  The HKTB has also held the Hong Kong Cyclothon, the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival, the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival, and various activities which allow readers to working experience our city unique culture.

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pICC continues transformation

  The people's Insurance Company of China Group will further its strategic transformation project in the near future. [photo/VCG]

  The people's Insurance Company of China Group will further its strategic transformation project in the near future and aims to streamline its three subsidiaries, according to the company's top management on Monday.

  "The group will focus on transformation to a high-quality development model," said Li Zhuyong, vice-president of the pICC group. "This will involve strategic moves on innovation, digitalization, integration and internationalization."

  According to the company's report, pICC group has gained a net profit of 10.05 billion yuan ($1.47 billion) in the first half-year, a 14 percent year-on-year increase. pICC property and Casualty Co Ltd or pICC p&C, a key subsidiary of pICC group, has seen a 9.6 percent year-on-year increase of investment profit in the same period due to investment in long-term bonds, according to the company's top management.

  "The company has been focusing more on investment in long-term bonds," said Sa Chengde, Assistant president of pICC p&C. "In the future, the company will focus more on long-term investments and overseas investment."

  High interest rate range and stable returns in equity investments in the first half of 2018 also contributed to the increase of investment profit, lifting the figure to 10.93 billion yuan, Sa said.

  pICC p&C has gained 205.04 billion yuan of total premium income in the same period, a year-on-year increase of 14.1 percent, according to the company's statement.

  The company's premium incomes from motor insurance and non-motor insurance have seen a year-on-year increase of 3.6 percent and 33.6 percent in the first half-year, reaching 122.43 billion and 82.61 billion yuan respectively, the company's report said.

  "Currently, the ratio of the company's premium income between motor insurance and non-motor insurance is approximately six to four," Sa said. "In the future, the industry will see a balanced development among these two types of insurance."

Japan preschools using tablets to prep tots for digital age

  It’s drawing time at this suburban nursery school in Japan, but instead of crayons, tiny fingers are tapping on colors on ipad screens and taking selfies. Digital schooling has arrived in this nation long known for its zealous commitment to “three R’s” education.

  Coby preschool, in a small town northeast of Tokyo, is among nearly 400 kindergartens and nursery schools in Japan that are using smartphone software applications designed especially for preschoolers called KitS.

  That’s only about 1 percent of this nation’s kindergartens and nursery schools. But it’s a start. Coby is helping lead a national initiative in “digital play.”

  parents everywhere worry their children might fall behind, and Japan is no exception.

  The government has recently made strengthening technology education national policy even as it struggles to meet its goal of supplying one digital device — computer or tablet — for every three children.


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  With KitS, developed by Tokyo-based startup SmartEducation, children color birds and flowers that appear to come alive as three-dimensional computer graphics. Children also draw various creatures that, when captured as computer images, swim or float around in virtual landscapes.

  In a recent session, children got a triangle image on their ipads and were asked to draw on it with digital colors, store that image, and draw another one to create a two-screen story.

  The usually shy children burst into an uproar, brainstorming happily about what the triangle might represent: a sandwich, a rice ball, a dolphin, a roof, a mountain.

  The children were then encouraged to come to the front of the class and explain what they had drawn as the images were shown on a large screen.

  “There is no right or wrong answer,” said Akihito Minabe, the preschool principal leading the session.

  The point is to nurture creativity, focus and leadership skills.

  “They think on their own, they learn it’s OK to think freely, and it’s fun to come up with ideas,” said Minabe.

  In the U.S., 98 percent of children age 8 and under have a mobile device in their homes, while 43 percent have their own tablet, according to The Genius of play, a U.S. program that researches education and play.

  That’s similar to Japan, where each adult has an average of more than one smartphone and about half of preschoolers have access to a mobile device, according to Japanese government data.

  In many U.S., Asian and European preschools and elementary schools, teachers use technology to present stories, music and other information. Educators are also studying children’s social development through how they learn to share digital devices.


  Much of what’s driving the adoption of tablets in U.S. preschools is a belief, founded or not, that an early start will make kids smarter at technology, said patricia Cantor, a professor of early childhood education at plymouth State University in New Hampshire.

  However, early research into how tablets and apps affect learning for kids ages 2 to 5 is inconclusive.

  “Touchscreen stuff is pretty intuitive. They don’t need training,” Cantor said.

  Some studies show positive outcomes among young children using mobile devices to improve their literacy, science or math skills, but there’s little research comparing tablet-assisted learning to more conventional teaching approaches, according to a review of 19 studies by Christothea Herodotou, a lecturer at The Open University in the United Kingdom.

  Herodotou said it’s unclear which features might help or hinder learning. Devices and apps can also be misused — for instance, to keep children occupied so teachers can do other things.

  “Even if it’s designed to encourage learning or exploration or curiosity, it may not be used in that way,” said Cantor. “There’s so much junk out there.”

  Still, the target age for “digital play” is getting ever younger.

  Experts have known for years that playing is how children learn, says Ken Seiter, Executive Vice president at The Toy Association, a nonprofit, which represents businesses that design, produce, license and deliver youth-entertainment products.

  Toys can teach toddlers simple programming or use augmented reality to bring story characters digitally alive, said Seiter, whose organization spearheads The Genius of play, a U.S.-based program that researches education and play.

  In thhis July 12, 2018, photo, children work on a digital program at Coby preschool in Yoshikawa, suburban Tokyo, on an assignment, which was to draw on a triangle on an ipad. For the kids, it’s all about having fun. Japanese preschool programs equipped with tablet computers aim to prepare kids for the digital age. (Ap photo)  In thhis July 12, 2018, photo, children work on a digital program at Coby preschool in Yoshikawa, suburban Tokyo, on an assignment, which was to draw on a triangle on an ipad. For the kids, it’s all about having fun. Japanese preschool programs equipped with tablet computers aim to prepare kids for the digital age. (Ap photo)


  Japan’s classrooms tend to be more structured than in the West, with students often acting in unison as they line up, bow and chant together. Children tend to be passive, and the emphasis is on the group rather than individuals. Youngsters, even some preschoolers, attend extracurricular cram schools.

  KitS’ designers have sought to make activities fun. One aim appears to be nurturing outspokenness.

  Yuhei Yamauchi, a professor of information studies at the University of Tokyo and KitS adviser, sees practical benefits.

  By the time today’s 5-year-olds start work, most jobs will require computer skills. Given Japan’s shrinking population, people may work into their 80s, shifting jobs several times. Digital skills are more critical than ever, he said.

  Digital tools deliver the equivalents of libraries and museums at a child’s fingertips, said Ron Shumsky, a child psychologist who works in Japan. That can be addictive, he cautions, and students must be taught safe and responsible “Digital citizenship,” he said.

  It’s so compelling it pulls you in,” he said. “It keeps you wanting more.”

  Experts warn that staring for too long at screens can damage eyesight and deter creative thinking. It’s a complex problem, since children may see their parents immersed in devices themselves.

  KitS limits each session on the ipad to 15 minutes. Classes are held just 30 times a year.


  At the preschool in Yoshikawa, a sleepy Tokyo bed town ringed by lush rice paddies, the children have mastered time-lapse photography using their ipads.

  Japanese preschools like Coby are subsidized by local governments. Fees, including meals, are on a sliding scale based on income with the poorest families paying nothing.

  Each preschool pays SmartEducation an initial 500,000 yen ($4,400), not including the cost of the ipads, and 30,000 yen ($265) more a month for maintenance. The cost for training teachers is included.

  Students use the ipad message function to send their parents photos of themselves in action and share trailers of their upcoming performances.

  The kids are keen to talk about it, and parents say the endeavor encourages communication beyond the usual daily stream of commands: Eat dinner, take a bath, go to bed.

  “I realized I tend not to wait for what the children have to say,” said hospital worker Masami Uno, whose son, 5-year-old Ayumu, and 2-year-old daughter attend Coby. “It made me stop and think about that.”

  The kids Ap spoke with favored the usual sorts of career goals, saying they wanted to be ballerinas and soccer players. None said they wanted to be a computer programmer when they grow up.

  But they like the KitS.

  “It’s fun,” said Yume Miyasaka, 6.

  She noted with a little pride that her father uses an ipad for work. But, referring to her ipad creation, she said, “He usually doesn’t draw shaved ice.”

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Djibouti free trade zone demonstrates true value

  Djibouti, capital of the East African state of the same name, is getting a makeover as a Chinese-built Djibouti free trade zone (FTZ), which will be the largest of its kind in Africa, paving the way for the rise of the Horn of Africa nation as a global trade hub.

  The changes being made to the tiny, yet high-profile African state by the new FTZ, part of the Belt and Road (B&R) initiative, speak compellingly for the China-proposed initiative, which is now in its fifth year.

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  The initiative is a silver lining in the clouds of trade xenophobia that shadow the global economy. The world has changed for the better thanks to tangible progress China has made over the past five years in partnership with many B&R economies. That's indisputably a wake-up call for some Western media outlets, which have been wrongly obsessed with such issues as the debt implications of the sprawling initiative for economies along the route.

  Covering 48.2 square kilometers, the Djibouti FTZ will have four industry clusters once completed, focusing on trade and logistics, export processing, business and finance as well as manufacturing and duty-free retail.

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  The East African state broke ground on the FTZ in January 2017 and officially inaugurated it in July.

  Facilities including warehouses, gates and roads totaling 70,000 square meters had been finished as of the first half, while offices and hotels are estimated to be completed in the second half, according to a report over the weekend by news.cctv.com, the site of China Central Television. The view of a modern FTZ being built contrasts sharply with the site a year earlier, when it was a barren waste filled with volcanic rocks, said the report.

  The makeover isn't just one of geographic terminology. At the inauguration ceremony in July, Djibouti president Ismail Omar Guelleh said it is "a zone of hope for thousands of young jobseekers," Reuters reported, offering a glimpse into the zone's economic ambitions.

  There's no denying that the B&R initiative is open to constructive criticism. But with this single project providing tangible proof of the true benefits of the B&R initiative, which involves many projects in many countries and regions, it would be wiser for the "professional" faultfinders to stop judging others and make the right turn.

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been inspired by his work

The Comedy Bang! Bang! actor posted a moving tribute to Williams on his website (paulftompkins.com) Monday, expressing how the comic's Reality ... What a Concept was one of the first comedy albums he ever owned and how he grew up watching Williams' TV sitcom Mork & Mindy. "When I was a kid, having problems of my own, feeling unpleasantly different from the people who populated my world, I found sanctuary watching this guy on TV who was celebrated for being a weirdo, for being an oddball, for being silly," Tompkins wrote. As he grew up and began performing stand-up comedy, Tompkins came to learn that there is "no less sadness in the comedy community than there is in any other workforce; that is to say, jobs are jobs and people are people and no occupation makes anyone depression-proof."

Louis C.K.

Williams is remembered for the melancholy and humanity he brought to his comedy routines and film performances, a sensibility that Louis C.K. taps into on his critically adored FX comedy series, Louie. For that reason, it's no surprise that Williams considered himself a fan — he called C.K. a "combination of (George) Carlin and Richard Pryor" — and appeared in the Season 3 Louie episode "Barney/Never," where he meets Louie at a funeral for a comedy-club manager and the two bond over how much they hated the guy.
Jimmy Fallon

Joining the legions of stars who expressed their condolences on Twitter, Fallon tweeted early Tuesday: "Took a walk in NYC this morning under a tree-lined street. Perfect breeze. Looked like it was raining flowers. I know that was you Robin." In his years on Saturday Night Live, the Tonight Show host echoed Williams' effortless ability to take on whatever kooky character was thrown his way. One such character was playing Williams himself in a Celebrity Jeopardy parody with Will Ferrell.
Josh Gad

In an op-ed article for USA TODAY, the Frozen actor jokes of how he learned "unique words for male and female genitalia" from the Comic Relief charity specials Williams hosted with Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal. More important, Gad writes, the comic genius of Williams' Genie in the animated film Aladdin inspired him to become an actor and directly influenced his voice performance as Olaf the snowman in Frozen. "Olaf will never remotely touch the tour de force that is Robin's Genie. Because there is only one Robin Williams," Gad writes. "But the joy and laughter that my little snowman has brought to children is because of the man who has left this world far too early."

Alec Cockram, 24, recent graduate, drama, theatre studies and En

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companies and individuals

Bai, formerly deputy head of the Environment and Resources Protection Committee of the National People's Congress, was accused of taking advantage of his various official posts and other perks associated with his posts from 2000 to 2013 to seek benefits -- in regard of project construction, real estate development, obtaining mining rights and personal promotions -- for 17 companies and individuals ski rental.

In exchange, he personally, or through his wife, accepted bribes worth over 246 million yuan (37.4 million U.S. dollars).

Also, prosecutors allege, the assets and expenditure of the Bai family significantly exceeded their legal income and Bai was unable to specify the sources of his assets, which constitutes another suspected criminal violation SmarTone online shop.

The People's Procuratorate of Anyang City in central China's Henan Province filed the two charges with Anyang Intermediate People's Court.

In his final statement, Bai accepted the charges and showed repentance.

Over 60 people, including legal and political representatives, journalists and members of the public, attended the hearing.

The court ruling will be announced at a later date SmarTone Care.